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Top 3 powerfull examples on How to be mentally strong?

Top 3 powerfull examples on How to be mentally strong?

How to be mentally strong?

A boy from age 13-16 also searches this question on google about mental how to be mentally strong? and problems of mental stress.

Shocking! Should we have to worry about it or let it keep going?

The answer is you don’t have to worry about this question? You can’t stop anyone from searching but we can spread awareness into them by giving solutions to those problems to them.

Turning out to be mentally strong isn’t something that you can simply choose to do, and it as a rule doesn’t occur incidentally.

Being intellectually and genuinely solid implies that you can act typically regardless of how much pressure is introduced. At the end of the day, you can continue on ahead regardless of what occurs.

How to be mentally strong

First, let’s understand the concept of what is being physically strong?

The one who has strength, stamina, and endurance, can be called physically strong.

I mean to say if your muscles are strong you can carry heavy to heavyweight effortlessly. This is called physical strength.

Just like this our thinking muscles works. If you come across a problem you can figure out how strong your thinking muscles are, based upon your reaction to that problem in Infront of you.

Now there are 3 types of situations on how to be mentally strong and mentally stressed.

Let’s see 3 of them one-by-one.

1st example on how to be mentally strong –

If there is any big problem standing in front of us and we failed to deal with it without doing any efforts, we panicked Infront of that problem then what will we say, how our mental muscles are?

Weak. Right! It’s just like that you have to go somewhere and you have heavy luggage. And you said you don’t want to carry that because it is heavy.

Strange! But this is how many people deal with the mental stress problems of their lives.

If some big problem comes to our lives, we tried to run away from that problem, we give on that problem, we don’t even try facing that problem or mental stress.

In this world there is no problem that doesn’t have any solution, every problem has a solution.

If there is a problem or mental stress there is a solution also. But to get that solution we need our thinking muscles strong. We need to think a lot but in the right direction.


There are 2 directions.

1} Right direction-

The right direction means a solution-oriented approach to mental stress or problem. When we want to know the root of that problem.


2} Wrong direction-

The wrong direction means a problem-oriented approach to mental stress and problem. When we only want to stuck in the problem.

It is up to your which direction you have to choose in order to deal with that mental stress.


2nd example on how to be mentally strong –

If you came across a problem you fight with it, with all the efforts and after that fight, you win. Now you have a solution to that mental stress problem.

So how can we say that we are mentally strong?

The answer is No.


Because you have to make a lot of effort to deal with that problem because that problem can lead regret and depression.

The 2nd scenario is better than the 1st scenario but not as good as the 3rd scenario.


3rd scenario on how to be mentally Strong–

If any big-to-big problem is also coming to your lives, and if you already have prepared to deal with that problem and you got a solution without any efforts. Then you can call it as you are mentally strong.


There are 2 categories of people.

1}  People who make simple-to-simple problems complicated.

(90% of people are like this)


2} People who make the complicated-to complicated problem very simple.

(only 10% of people who actually have worked on their mental muscles to make them strong)

For example-

If you have a relationship with anybody and there are lots of clashes in your relation, very major issues are happening in your life. There is only one way to deal with it.

Relationship problems flow chart


Don’t look at the person look at the problem and try to understand, what is the root of the problem?

If we get the problem and if that problem gets cured of the root, your relation will be back on track. Nobody can solve problems rather than you.

And if you keep fighting with each other then there is no solution to this problem. So, 1st we have to learn the problem of that relation. Don’t assume a problem, if we started assuming things that things get more and more complicated, so you don’t have assumed that problem.

The problem is in me or him/her, this kind of thinking is called Victim mentality.

Relationship problems are extremely complicated. We don’t understand what to do, or what not to. And many times, the solution to that problem is really simple.


In many relations, people say understanding between both of the people is an important key to the happiness of their relation. I think this kind of approach is a problem-oriented approach that doesn’t have any solution in this world.

Because of this approach, people start saying I understand her/him but he/she doesn’t understand me!

The solution to this problem is when you decide I have to understand her/him and the problem, and the problem gets solved from the root.


These are the top three examples of How to be mentally strong?

If you followed this rule it will give you the idea to find the solution to that mental stress.


“Every problem has simple solutions, try to understand the root of that problem.”


Aakash Shahakar

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