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Mother’s love for her son | Best mother and son story.

Mother’s love for her son | Best mother and son story.

Mother’s love for her son-

Everyone says the mother and son stories are the best stories to hear mine is the same too but until I realize that it was too late for me.

Ever since I could remember. I hated my mom she was different from other moms she only had one eye. I didn’t have my dad growing up, it was just me and her.

When she dropped me at school, everyone would stare at her so then they began staring at me. It was so humiliating, she got cooking at the school and then things got worse. I stopped going to lunch completely.

The kids would bully me and the older I got the worse the bullying became.

One day after school, I just couldn’t take it anymore. I screamed at her, I told her I hated her I couldn’t wait to leave home.

And eventually, the time came to pack my things and I never looked back. I took jobs here and there, traveled the world, and eventually got married and had kids of my own.

My childhood was over and thankfully my mom’s face started to fade, from my memory.


One evening after dinner, I and my family were playing games, there was so much laughter that I didn’t even hear the knock at the door. My son opened it and started crying and that’s when I saw my mom standing in the doorway, suddenly all those old feeling came rushing back to me.

It seemed like history repeating itself, as I saw my son frightened as I once was.


mother's love for her son.

I told her to never come back and I slammed the door. I explained everything to my wife that night I told her how much I was bullied and how I always lived in fear. She holds my hand and explained to me that she was still my mother and she loved me.

She said I love my son a lot but I would totally break if my son hates me just because I have some disabilities. You can’t measure the mother’s love for her son, you just have to feel that beautiful experience of the precious bond. Mother and son stories and their bonds are the only things that matters

I felt very sad and regretted that day, I was not able to deal with that feeling of regret. I realize that the mother’s love for her son is a very precious feeling in this entire world. No money can buy this feeling for you.

After weeks of persuasion, I finally decided to visit my mom. The long ride back to my childhood home seemed to be over instantly.

I waited outside the house for a while then I knocked on the door, but there was no answer. The neighbor who I had not seen for so long recognized me and in that spot on that doorstep, she brooked the news that my mother died, all of our mother and son stories had come in front of my eyes……

She let me inside with a spare key and I sat in my mom’s chair, it was the loudest silence I had ever heard. I spotted a handwritten letter with my name on it and inside it read.

Best mother and son story,

My Dearest Son,

Not a moment passes when I don’t think of you. I am sorry I scared your children that night, I just knew it, but it would have been the last time I could see you when you were very little.

You were in a terrible accident and lost your eye. As a mother, I couldn’t stand watching you having to grow up with one eye, so I gave you mine. I was so proud of my son who was seeing a whole new world for me in my place with that eye.

I never meant to bring you anything other than all the love in my heart. I will always love you and will always be with you.

Love mom….

Remember one thing mother’s love for her son is unconditional but because of our silly reasons she had to suffer from that. Never make your parents suffer because of Us. I hope you learned some lesson from this I am giving one mother love quotes, this quote really helped me in that difficult time.


mother and son story

Motherlove Quote :

Mother’s love is very pure and unconditional. Always take care of your mother as she took yours.                                                    

Aakash Shahakar

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