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Meaning of solitude | How to be happy alone?

Meaning of solitude | How to be happy alone?

Well to live happily alone, you need to understand one term ‘Solitude’.

meaning of solitude

Most of the people only know loneliness, nobody talks about solitude. Even if you tell anyone that you are happy alone, they started thinking that you are lonely.

Meaning of loneliness-

Loneliness is something when you want somebody to talk to, to be with you, but you don’t have anybody.

How to deal with loneliness?
Alone = loneliness, this is the thought process of some people. We just need to understand the meaning of solitude.

Meaning of solitude

Solitude is some kind of feeling when we actually want to be happy alone with ourselves, and want to think about a healthy life.

meaning of loneliness

These are two different terms loneliness can lead to depression, fear, regrets, and solitude to help you to go ahead in life. In another way, loneliness is a negative term and solitude is a positive term.

#How we can attain solitude?

Solitude is all about the realization of this fact that ‘I am suffering’ for that you have to get that much responsibility to know what ‘suffering’ really means. The person who is responsible enough to see what suffering actually is will never face any loneliness in life. That means he already attained Solitude.

How to be happy alone?

How to be happy alone?

There are two things in life.
1} Temporary things
-> Things which born and die.

2} Permanent things
-> Things which not born nor die.

To actually live a happy life developing solitude is very important.
Solitude is already there in you, it’s just that you never try to develop it, once you starting realizing that ‘I want to run my life in my own way’ you get there.

“Suffering is not an illness, suffering is a small step for your future.”

Aakash Shahakar

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