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Top 3 Lord Shiva teachings on life |

Top 3 Lord Shiva teachings on life |


Lord shiva teachings


Bhasm lagaye, bhang chadhaye

  beech samadhi, baitha maun hai

  band hai aakhei, dekh raha sab

  jane wo kaisa, kaisa kaun hai.”

beautiful lines from Bhala song, By Vinay Katoch.

All lord shiva teachings are mentioned in this beautiful song. This song tells us that Worshipping God is important but implementing their theories is much more important in today’s life.

lord shiva teachings


Worshipping God-

It says that even before the world came into existence Lord Shiva’s presence was there. There is so much that we can learn from Lord Shiva, but today’s generation only worships Lord Shiva but not apply his teachings in life.


Saint Kabir says,

” Jo nahaye dhoye kya hua, jb man ka mail na jaye. meen sada jal me rahe, dhove bass na jaye.”

In this Doha saint Kabir tells us that, Even if you take a bath for a thousand times, but until and unless the negativity in your mind doesn’t drain out with the water then the bath is completely useless and you cannot purify your thoughts.


Lord Shiva teachings on Equality-

we can learn the lessons of equality from Lord Shiva. Even at the time when God and demons existed Lord Shiva treated them equally and not as a status they hold. He never did any kind of partiality between God and Demons. He loved each and everything which was created in this world.

worshipping god


Lord shiva teachings on Kind Heart-


He always admired the people who have good qualities and pure heart, a man who attains solitude, not some people who are doing negative activities in the name of God.

I am not saying worshipping god is bad but in the end, your actions define your life and that’s how your life becomes valuable. No religion can be bigger than the religion of humanity. so it doesn’t matter how much you worship your God until and unless you work for the betterment of human life.

That’s why it is said that,

“Bhakt nahi, bhala hai dhundta, gun dekhe gungan nahi.”

Aakash Shahakar

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