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Harry Houdini | An eye-opening Overconfidence Story |

Harry Houdini | An eye-opening Overconfidence Story |

Harry Houdini-

Harry Houdini was a famous stunt performer, Illusionist, and a magician. He was very famous for his escapes. He used to think that he can escape from any jail, room, or any closed room in noo time. This was his biggest strength as well as weakness also. Now net let’s look at Harry Houdini’s story of overconfidence.

A strange but true story legend has it,

Harry Houdini, the master magician once claimed that he could break out of any jail cell in the world. All he had to do was walk into that jail with his street clothes on.

“I’ll be out of there in one hour. no problem”, he said from here Harry Houdini’s story of overconfidence begins.


Harry Houdini


Well, a very old jail heard about Harry Houdini’s claim and they accepted his challenge.

Overconfidence story-

On the day of the event, many people gathered outside. Very confident Harry Houdini walked right into the jail and into the cell, and they shut the metal door behind him.

The first thing Houdini did was he took off his coat, then very strangely he took off his belt. He secretly has hidden a ten inches piece of steel, very tough and very flexible in his belt and he started working. In about 30 mins that confident expression Houdini had when he walked in, was disappeared.

After 1 hour he was bathed in sweat, and after 2 hours of constant failure to open the door, Houdini was defeated, collapsed against the door. To open that door he thought he needs some out-of-the-box thinking, but there was nothing like that.

A few minutes later the door opened automatically, he saw that the door had never been locked.

Harry Houdini overconfidence story


But that’s not entirely true, is it? That door was locked, it was thoroughly locked in Harry Houdini’s mind.

Harry Houdini already made his mind that the door was locked by the best locksmith in the world and had put his lock on it.

The mind is powerful. How many doors in your life do you think are locked, but they aren’t !!!

How many times have you been stuck in the mental prison of overthinking? Something that really had a simple solution.

There is an ancient African proves that,




Your mind is the most powerful force you will ever face.

It will tell you lies,

It will tell you, you can’t do that, you are not meant for that,

You are not good enough for that….

You must think is for an opinion and carry on.

The only locked doors that exist is in your mind.

The doors, in reality, are open and all you have to do is a walkthrough.


Aakash Shahakar

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  1. Good approach towards the complicated life. I have seen you lacking loosing ,losing, falling, failing, frustrating, aborting, collapsing but now I am so happy seeing you succeeding, standing, surviving, winning, defeating, raising, rising. keep it up bro……..

    1. thank you soo much..

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