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Dealing with regret and depression | #1 best example.

Dealing with regret and depression | #1 best example.

Dealing with regret

Regret is something about the past where you contemplate that cannot be changed because it has already happened. It is a feeling of sadness or disappointment about something you did in past or left the incomplete.

It is said that dealing with regret is completely different from dealing with fear in life but in this story it is relatable.


dealing with regret

Dealing with fear-

Fear is thinking about future possibilities, where you think of all the events that could have happened. Fear slowly begins to control your mind when you don’t understand what it is.


Dealing with fear


These two sentiments cause us to lose presence and interest in the present.

‘Regret’ and ‘fear’ are two words that almost every human will once come across. Regret and fear are different terms. But in the meaning of life, these terms are very relatable.

In life, if you ever had regretted something or left something incomplete that will slowly turn into fear before you came to know about it. And of course, you will talk to someone about dealing with regret?

Let me tell you that there is nothing and no one in this world that helps you dealing with regret and fear of your life, the only thing or person which will help you in this situation is ‘yourself’. Let me tell you an example to explain this situation.


fear of failure


Fear of failure-

A boy had just completed his graduation and wanted to own a business but he was not having any capital to do so. So went to Dubai to earn some money.

After settling down there he was earning well, he was having a lavish lifestyle but deep down the thought of owning a business was still there in his head.

Finally, he made his mind come to India. By the time he was returning his boss kept promotion offer in front of him but he has already made his mind. So he came he started his business, after 4-5 months he realized that his business was not running well so the thought that came into his mind was ‘Dubai job was best for me ‘.

This means the fear of failure had come to his mind.

*So now what do you mean by Coming out of the comfort zone?

– To leave something and start another. No! Anything you start has its positive and negative sides, you just have to think out of the box. The real meaning of coming out of the comfort zone is that whatever risk you want to take in life when you have time, just take it.

Taking risks is not getting success in life, it is just that you come out of your comfort and you try it. After trying if it’s getting success it is good and even if not, at least the regrets in your mind will get cleared.

Then you can return to your old job and you will do your work with more energy, enthusiasm, and more intensity. This is very important.

Regret and fear are of life by understanding the meaning of regret and the meaning of fear you can live a very healthy, happy life.
fear of failure comes in everyone’s life you just have to figure out how to deal with it and start living life in your way.

life is full of difficulties but that’s how we enjoy our life, that’s how we came to know the meaning of fear and regret. If fear of failure is not there, then you can’t taste the power of success, and it’s not worth it too.

You can also Do meditation and yoga to come out of these problems. There are lots of benefits of meditation and benefits of yoga.

There are 9 different forms of meditation- check this video to know that-


The beautiful lesson which we have learned that,

“We suffer more in our imagination than in reality.”


Aakash Shahakar

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